Maintenance and design solutions.


Enterprise-Scale Data Collection and Processing

Modern industry requires the backbone of infrastructure and the various assemblies stay in good health. Data is a key component of maintaining proper QA/QC across massive scale.

Our remote sensing expertise and materials give us the ability to complete useful analysis packages for roadways, telephone poles, pavement sections, and large construction sites.


Our services allow for a seamless transition from reality to editable, shareable digital models.

Field Data Collection

SOA field crews preparing a LiDAR-equipped sUAS for flight in Tulare, CA.

SOA field crews preparing a LiDAR-equipped sUAS for flight in Tulare, CA.

SOA was originally founded to produce Digital Elevation Models at a maximum of speed, a minimum of cost, and the highest possible levels of accuracy. Our field data collection crews use LiDAR, total stations, photogrammetry, and RTK-GPS to attain centimeter-or-better accuracy of your assets or areas of interest.

Our internal workflows for sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System) operations allow us to quickly deploy, safely operate, and deliver quality data sets for any location.

LiDAR model capture in Sonora, CA.

LiDAR model capture in Sonora, CA.

Data Processing and Vizualization

Facade inspection of a brick building in San Francisco, CA.

Facade inspection of a brick building in San Francisco, CA.

SOA’s mapping services allow for design and construction of projects on a speedy and accurate basis. We use our advanced toolset to create a complete digital depiction of your site.

In addition to the collection of visual, multispectral, and positional data we can import the results of our surveys into CAD and GIS programs of your choice.

Our focus is on reducing turnaround times. In addition to an extremely robust data processing baseline, our data science techniques will smooth out your data set or enrich it according to your specifications.

Modeling and Design

SOA's team of experts work fully with modern best practices for the development of 3D DEM’s. We are fully capable of including either your planned designs into the project matching it to 3-D data.


A variety of analyses are possible using our visual, multispectral, and geospatial data sets. We can guide you through that analysis or self-perform in many cases.

Application Development

High-resolution images can be specially processed for feature detection. These features can be quantitatively or qualitatively quantified to help automate inspections, inventory analysis, as-built surveys, and much more.


Scripting is generally done using Matlab, Python, and a few purpose built tools that we have developed. Our team’s in-house expertise in the manipulation of geospatial data may save your team thousands of hours.


Case Studies


Just a few of the ways SOA’s Infrastructure and Industrial services are put to use by clients nationwide.



Inspecting millions of square feet of pavement at centimeter levels accuracy is possible through the combined use of ground-based RTK-GPS receivers and autonomous aerial robotics.

SOA provides tailor-made asset management solutions for enterprise users of pavement inspection services. services that bring new levels of insight while massively reducing costs and expediting project delivery.


An approximate 1 CM ground sample distance (GSD) orthophoto will be created for each site through use of a UAV. This resolution will be great enough to detect fine cracks and other paving imperfections in the site locations. The orthophoto will be tied to ground control points (GCP) and structure from motion (SFM) elevations will be derived from the images to create an elevation surface for the project site.


This can be put to use for automated detection of rutting and cracking in pavement, allowing for easier segment analysis by engineers.



Construction users are able to map and monitor their sites in any area with our technicians. We can provide an automated inventory count at a very high coverage and accuracy rate, saving the needs for hundreds of man-hours.


This type of analysis can be used for coverage of stormwater features, completed as-builts for verification of final grade, and construction progress monitoring.



Transmission infrastructure can be mapped with high efficiency for operations and maintenance inspection purposes.


We take detailed spot shots of your choosing across a network of potentially thousands of discrete objects. In addition, through the use of LiDAR we can monitor vegetation encroachment on transmission lines.


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