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Geospatially-Aware Project Engineering

Sierra Overhead Analytics (SOA) is an engineering and computational modeling firm. The remote-sensing data we gather is used as an input for inspection, analysis, and design workflows. We offer our remote-sensing data as a stand-alone product, but our data is gathered and vetted by a team of scientists and professional-engineers for use in real-world decision making scenarios and permitting packages.


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Where We Solve Problems

Our expertise and experience have given us a firm foundation to deliver top-notch services that meet needs for professional groups from a diverse range of backgrounds. We've done notable work in the following areas:


Renewable Energy

SOA's design engineers have completed almost 800MW of utility-scale management and provided expert services for almost 2GW more.


Landscape Reclamation and Remediation

Environmental engineering expertise combined with remote sensing experience has provided an ability to investigate & remediate a wide range of environmental landscapes. 


Industrial & Infrastructure

Maintaining the backbone of our built environment is difficult work. We assist with the implementation of advanced inspection workflows and experienced engineering. 


our practical guarantee

We will endeavor to deliver the highest value to the client, always. Value-engineering is our top priority - we try to figure out what we can do to improve our process, delivering better results on a shorter timeframe and at lower cost. 


About Us

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SOA was founded in 2014 with the mission to more accurately measure and model our surrounding environment. We focus on providing industry-leading, all-in-house site development services and industrial workflow automation.