Civil Engineering

Our team of professional civil engineers have over 25 years of combined environmental compliance and large-scale engineering design experience. Our team has a wide range of experience; from academic level investigations to 100-page plansets and regulatory reporting, we’ve been there. Our designs are appreciated for their ingenuity, low overhead, and time-saving details, and have been accepted by AHJ’s across the United States and throughout the world.

Our vertically integrated framework allows for us to control the engineering data from start to finish, ensuring that you project gets designed quickly and completely, minimizing permit overhead cost and time.

preliminary site analysis

Better utilize your resources by knowing exactly what you’re getting into.

Our novel approaches to remote sensing and data collection allow for an early and comprehensive critical issues analysis (CIA) for your project. We’re able to detect and determine “make or break” issues early on, saving your team money and time when it comes to assigning personnel to site specific tasks or deciding on the overall feasibility of a project. Our CIA pricing is extremely competitive, and is one of our most-demanded services – let us help you start your project off right!

comprehensive field investigation

Our suite of sensors and databases allow for almost-immediate study of your site and assets. We are configured to scale to any size of site due to our technological stack and corporate partnerships. All calculations are performed and analyses run in concert with our clients to stay on schedule. Our bottlenecking computational processes have been moved to the cloud – where they’re able to be configured and scaled to match immediate volume requirements.

plan sets and permitting

Whether used for internal purposes or submitting to an AHJ, our engineered designs will take you through to IFC level on your project. We have a 90% first-pass acceptance rate with the Army Corps of Engineers, and our due diligence at the local and state level often leads to quick acceptance by all permitting bodies.


Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling

SOA was originally founded to produce the highest-resolution and highest-accuracy surface water modeling possible. Vertically-integrated with our data gathering and surface creation stacks, we can produce accurate hydrologic and hydraulic site-specific models. When coupled with complete geotechnical soil reports, we can predict scour depths and erosion and deposition rates accurately.

Our models form the basis for erosion and sediment control reports, drainage and grading plans, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and other jurisdictionally-required reports and plansets. Additionally, our data informs on the rest of our civil engineering design which can lead to constructible alternatives that save time and money.

watershed mapping

Mapping large-scale watersheds in detail, all the way down to your site. Our high-resolution site mapping allows for excellent characterization of offsite contributing flows and flood levels, letting you place and protect your valuable assets with confidence. 

Environmental Engineering + Permitting

SOA’s environmental services focus on properly protecting the environment while providing a cost effective means of site remediation, if necessary. Our environmental assessments and reporting are designed to help ensure you select the best available site for your project, and to help ensure that site remains clean long after construction is completed.

environmental reporting & Permitting

SOA provides environmental permitting, reporting, and natural resources surveying for a wide range of engineering and construction based projects. SOA team members have successfully completed EIS/EA’s, SPCC’s, SWPPP’s, HMMP’s, as well as other abatement and disposal plans for a wide variety of project types and sizes across the United States.

pollution cleanup and remediation designs

SOA has a reputation for providing outstanding environmental remediation plans in a cost- and time-effective manner. Specifically, we deal with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water.

Our services enable clients to perform a cost-effective clean-up, to comply with regulations, to uphold corporate reputation, and to reduce liabilities. SOA’s approach includes risk assessment analysis before remediation to ensure remediation is necessary and to negotiate realistic remediation goals.

ahj negotiation

Lack of AHJ compliance can hold up projects for months or even years. We use our extensive experience to ensure a smooth application & negotiation process.


Remote Sensing + Field Survey

Our field personnel use the most advanced drone and ground-based sensor methods to collect data for SOA or client's engineering projects. See www.UASinspect.com for more info. 

data collection

Everything from drone to manned plane to satellite to field ground transects. We will hike in and grab everything you need to understand your site in 3 dimensions and across spectrums. 

ArcGIS and CAD Deliverables

Deliverables rendered into the preferred design environments of your technical staff.  


Our in-house experience in developing proprietary methods lets us process our own or other clients' data for excellence of product and automation methods. Several clients have seen great results from the engagement of our algorithms - at times completely recovering survey datasets that were deemed unusable, leading to savings of weeks of additional field work.