Civil Engineering

SOA’s team of professional civil engineers has over 50 years of combined environmental compliance and large-scale engineering design experience. We have been privileged to work with clients on the completion of everything from academic-level investigations to 100-page plansets. SOA’s designs are appreciated for their ingenuity, low overhead, and time-saving details, and have been accepted by AHJ’s across the United States and throughout the world.

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling

SOA was originally founded to produce the highest-resolution and highest-accuracy surface water modeling possible. Our vertically-integrated data gathering and surface creation stacks allow us to quickly and cost-effectively produce hydrologic and hydraulic site-specific models of the highest accuracy.

Environmental Engineering

SOA’s environmental services focus on properly protecting the environment while providing a cost effective means of site remediation, if necessary. Our environmental assessments and reporting are designed to help ensure you select the best available site for your project, and to help ensure that site remains clean long after construction or your operations are completed.

Mapping and Surveying

SOA’s field personnel use advanced drone and ground-based sensors to collect data for SOA or client's engineering projects. Our techniques are suitable for small sites and lead to high levels of efficiency on large sites. We use photogrammetric and LiDAR processing workflows which ensure high-resolution plotting and recording of all site features at inch-level accuracy.





Renewable Energy