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Project Development Assistance

Sierra Overhead Analytics equips owners, developers, and EPC's with on-time analytics needed to make informed site development choices. Our services provide value for solar PV projects no matter their scale or complexity.


Our comprehensive solar toolkit adds value at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Feasibility Studies

Initial site selection efforts focus on identifying sites with optimal characteristics for solar projects. We analyze public & open-source datasets to identify the highest-ROI development areas.

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Once a site has been identified, our team completes initial feasibility studies to determine capacity, complexity, and cost of any future development efforts on the site. Factors accounted for include:

  • EPA - NEPA, CEQA Regulations

  • Drainage and Flood Plains

  • Shading Analysis

  • Cultural Resources

  • Biological Resources

  • Vegetation and Ground Cover

  • Soil Mapping

  • Climate and Weather

  • Transmission Distance

  • Zoning Laws

SOA’s typical Critical Investigation Analyses (CIA’s) will give your team a Permitting Matrix and vetted 30% layout for your site, suitable to determine project costs, ROI, and a rough schedule. This will enable you to hit the ground running on a clear development and design pathway.

Site Mapping

SOA’s mapping services allow for design and construction of projects on a speedy and accurate basis. We use our advanced toolset to create a complete digital depiction of your site, and can deploy nationwide to do so.


SOA’s expertise in the use of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) to supplement topographic surveys with aerial data allows us to provide centimeters-accurate coverage of all site features while reducing turnaround time - whether you’re looking at a rooftop, a parking lot, a large greenfield area, or urban-rural mixtures.

SOA teams with a national network of subcontractors who provide boundary / cadastral and underground utility mapping services, allowing for comprehensive satisfaction of information requirements for layout design and AHJ requirements for development.


Turnkey Design & Permitting

SOA is highly experienced at the creation of plan sets for 100kW to 200MW ground-mount PV projects.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

SOA's team of experts fully manage engineering or work with your selected subcontractors to develop your project through all stages of design and permitting to final completion.

Deliverables include:

  • Topographic and Boundary Surveys

  • Structural Designs: Roads, Fences, Racking, & Concrete

  • Grading Plans and Cut-Fill Analysis of Design Alternatives

  • Drainage Plans & Stormwater Management

  • Vehicle Traffic Analysis & Equipment Staging

We are fully CAD- and GIS- capable, allowing us to deliver a plan set rigorous enough for permit applications and understandable enough for painless commencement of construction operations.


Hydrologic and Hydraulic Expertise

We are experts in the turnaround of pre- and post-construction hydraulic modeling services for photovoltaic installations. When combined with highly precise ground data, this assists us in devising:

  • SWMP (Stormwater Management Plans)

  • SWPPP’s (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans)

  • Detention and retention basin sizing and design

  • ESC (Erosion and Sediment Control) plans

  • Sediment retention basin placement and sizing

  • SPCC’s (Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure) plans

  • Pier and Foundation Hydraulic Modeling

  • Flow and Scour-Potential Calculations

  • Sediment Transport Models

Our highly precise analysis of your site prevents potentially catastrophic flood events and removes the the need for over-engineered trenching or swale systems.

Permitting and Negotiation

SOA team members are skilled at working with AHJ’s and local stakeholders to gain quick approval for solar projects. Permits include:

  • Groundwater Discharge Permits

  • NPDES & Non-NPDES Stormwater Permitting

  • USACE Permitting and Jurisdictional Determination support

  • Septic System & Potable Water System Permitting

  • Conditional Use Permits (CUP)

  • Stormwater Discharge Allowances (Quantity and Quality)

  • Public Notifications and Comment Process

We provide the necessary explanation and justification to all local stakeholders to get them on your team’s side.

Asset Management & PROTECTION

We continue to provide value even after the acceptance of our plan set. Our suite of services has application throughout the construction phase and after closeout.


Scopes of work:

  • Construction Progress Monitoring (Video-Fly Throughs, 3-D mapping)

  • As-Built Surveys

  • IR Panel Thermography

  • Site Vegetation Monitoring

  • Forensic Engineering - Racking, Posts, and Concrete

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SOA’s designs have been permitted and approved across the country, and our mapping and analysis services are suitable for any-scale ground-mount solar PV project.





Our services have found application across the entire range of renewable energy user roles. Utilities, EPC’s, developers, engineering firms, owners, operators, and manufacturers have all used SOA to add value to their workflows or deliver critical project components.


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