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Mapping and Protection Expertise

Sierra Overhead Analytics is dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of the environment.

Our environmental engineering expertise combined with remote sensing experience has provided an ability to investigate & remediate a wide range of environmental landscapes, or provide your team the data & analyses needed to move forward on ambitious projects.


Our services allow for cleanup and revitalization of landscapes of any variety.

Hydrologic Analysis

SOA was originally founded to produce the highest-resolution and highest-accuracy surface water modeling possible. 

Vertically-integrated with our data gathering and surface creation stacks, we can produce accurate hydrologic and hydraulic site-specific models.

Typical deliverables of the analysis:

  • 2-Dimensional Flow Analysis

    • Raster

    • Depth

    • Shear Stress

  • 1-Dimensional Flow Analysis

  • 100-Year Storm Analysis

  • Basin Delineation


Site Stormwater Control

SOA understands the needs of AHJ’s throughout the country, such as the EPA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, many different US states’ Departments of Transportation or Environment, and county requirements for stormwater discharge.

Available plans are:

  • SWPPP’s (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program)

  • SWMP’s (Stormwater Management Plans)

  • ESC (Erosion and Sediment Control)

We quickly dial in the required stormwater control level, and design cost-effective engineering measures to contain runoff.


Wetland, Watershed and Riparian Mapping

SOA’s mapping services allow for design and construction of projects on a speedy and accurate basis. We use our advanced toolset to create a complete digital depiction of your site.


  • UAS-Mounted LiDAR

  • High water mapping and base-flood elevation validation

  • Vegetation and ground cover mapping

  • Thermographic and Multispectral mapping

Using UAS, we map large areas with speed, efficiency, and safety to record a fine-grained digital snapshot of very large areas. Our processing techniques create a multi-million point cloud per acre, at up to centimeter-level accuracy.

Our operational expertise in professional drone operations is unparalleled. We have executed cost effective and timely drone mapping jobs with


Environmental Investigation & Permitting

SOA provides environmental permitting, reporting, and natural resources surveying for a wide range of engineering and construction based projects.


  • In situ bioremediation system design/implementation

  • Permeable reactive barrier design/implementation

  • Underground storage tank

  • Strategic source removal

  • Hazardous waste site assessment & remediation

  • Groundwater monitoring and sampling

  • Remediation system O&M

  • Cap and liner systems


SOA has a reputation for providing outstanding environmental remediation plans in a cost- and time-effective manner. Specifically, we deal with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water.


  • Feasibility testing

  • Conceptual site modeling

  • Slug & pump testing

  • Soil vapor assessments

Our services enable clients to perform a cost-effective clean-up, to comply with regulations, to uphold corporate reputation, and to reduce liabilities.




We have delivered mapping, assessment and environmental engineering solutions in over 30 states.





Cities, counties, state agencies, and consultants have used SOA’s services to better measure, model and beautify our natural resources.


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