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We are consulting engineers who use the latest technology and methods to reach new levels of insight and ROI in mapping, land development, and reclamation projects.

Sierra Overhead Analytics has completed a nationwide portfolio of complex and difficult technical analysis and engineering projects. Founded in 2014, we have placed ourselves on the cutting edge of digital terrain modeling through the use of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), and established ourselves as one of the premier utility-scale photovoltaic power installation designers in the United States.

Our expertise and reach only continue to grow in the development and execution of our baseline engineering services and new applications.


Mapping and Surveying

SOA’s early usage of UAS puts us ahead of the surveying curve by a large margin. Our workflow is optimized for maximum speed and minimum risk, using a craft developed and a team proven by hundreds of missions across the country.

We utilize the latest airframes, sensors, and cloud-based data processing to deliver large datasets to clients at maximum speed and minimum cost.

Civil and Environmental

SOA’s civil and environmental engineering services provide proven design and permitting solutions for government and industry alike.

We focus on the fundamentals of site preparation and build upon that with specialties in renewable energy systems, municipal infrastructure, and ecological restoration. Our principals are licensed in many states and proven as a team to effectively deliver large projects.

Hydrologic Modeling

SOA’s principals have academic levels of hydrologic processing knowledge. We provide high-level surface water or groundwater modeling, sediment transport, nutrient loading, and other ways of tracking the effects of water resources on your study area.

We also use our in-house programming and numerical modeling expertise to generate new applications for our remote sensing data in construction monitoring and asset management.

Service Area

SOA deploys nationwide to assist clients. Below are states where we’ve landed field teams, developed projects, or obtained professional registration in the last five years.

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Why use our services?

Because staying on the cutting edge yields consistent benefits.

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Use of the latest in-field data collection methods saves money, increases quality, reduces turnaround, and engages stakeholders.



Hard numbers and solid designs from our certified professional engineering practicioners create the basis for successful site development.



Experience at delivering AHJ-acceptable reports and designs for companies or public agencies enables us to get your project approved on the first go-around.



SOA’s services are used by hard-working teams in government and industry to help tackle their toughest technical challenges. Fortune 500 companies, small developers, consultants, and city or county public works departments all appreciate our balance of cost, quality, and scalability.


Who We Are

Leadership Team


Owen Ransom, PhD

Owen is the founder and President of SOA. He received his PhD from the University of California, Davis in Civil and Environmental Engineering for his research in computational fluid dynamics. Owen provides high-level expertise in UAS data collection, geospatial data processing, and hydrologic modeling.


Darin Galloway, CEM, P.E.
Vice President / Director of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Darin serves as Vice President and Director of Civil and Environmental Engineering for SOA. In his role, he is responsible for helping clients achieve their site design and remediation goals, assisting with project permitting, and ensuring that civil designs follow environmental regulations. Darin leads final QA on all engineering design efforts.


Let’s talk about your project.

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